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Thank you for visiting Kingdom Chamber of Commerce website; it is our aspiration to make an impression on you before you leave. Kingdom Chamber of Commerce is truly a totally different experience from any other chamber you have ever experienced. The Chamber is dedicated to business networking and community development. While most chambers of commerce simply ask their members to join and pay a yearly membership fee and attend their monthly luncheons or banquets, at another fee that is of course! Kingdom Chamber of Commerce offers so much more. Our programs and services are geared to create economic stability in every community. We have a Partnership data base for our business partners and a membership data base for our members who will be able to access our partnership data base to obtain every service imaginable to sustain their homes or business. Our partners agree to serve the community first and seek profits second. We only seek business partners which has a true passion and purpose behind the service they render to the community which they serve.

We are a community base Chamber of Commerce structured to serve the community abroad. The Chamber desires to create economic stability within the community by creating a hub where community business owners may market their God given talents to serve and edify the communities in which they reside. The Chamber offers a maintenance program to generate business for our business partners and provide services which all in the community could benefit from, whether you are a business owner, home owner or home owner association. The Chamber will offer various services to maintain and develop a strong and stable economic base community built on God’s principles. All membership contributions are redirected back into the community through the services rendered by the business partners or the establishment of a new business to serve the community.

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We welcome all new businesses in the community to join the chamber to help us edify and serve the community  through our gifts and talents. We encourage the citizens of the community to register and come see the many deals we have worked out with our business partners to better serve you in the community, whether it may be a new job or a special discount on services as a registered member of the chamber.

Kingdom Chamber of Commerce

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